Atlanta, GA 2018 New Home Construction Update

All across Atlanta, new home construction is available for home buyers who want something that is all their own. Buying a brand new house offers a variety of advantages, but the most common reason to do this is so that you can customize your home before it is finished. When you choose a new home from home builders in Atlanta, you often have the ability to negotiate changes and create the home of your dreams.

But even in 2018, buying a new home can still bring about a few risks if you don’t know what to look for and avoid. Here are some things to keep in mind as you are searching for that new home construction project in the area:

Consider Resale Value When Customizing

This is one of the biggest mistakes that new homebuyers make with new home construction. It is easy to think about the things that you have always wanted from a home, and decide that you’re willing to compromise on less space in one area for more walk-in closets, for example. But do keep in mind what will be popular to the majority of buyers, just in case you ever need to sell your home. Another good thing to keep in mind for this point is the color of your set fixtures and appliances. It’s much easier to change a wall color than it is to change your kitchen countertops. Go with neutral colors and styles for things that you wouldn’t want to replace.

Placement of Rooms

If you get in to the construction project early, pay attention to where certain rooms are planned for placement. For example, many builders put laundry facilities near other plumbing for efficiency, so you often find them in the basement area, under the bathroom or kitchen. However, that means a lot of trekking up and down stairs with heavy laundry baskets for you. Consider how close to the main gathering area of the house the bedrooms are. Ideally, you’ll be able to separate the bedrooms by a buffer area to get some peace and quiet. These are just two examples of how room placement can make your home much more comfortable.

Consider What Makes More Sense After You Buy

Some upgrades may make more sense to do after you finish the purchase and construction. For example, paint and landscaping are things that you may change your mind on, and you may be able to do these tasks yourself for much cheaper than a builder may if you include it in the cost of the construction project. You may be able to get a better deal on certain appliances, for example. Just keep in mind that this does mean you have a bit more work to do after the construction is complete before your home is truly “done”.

Prioritize Your Needs in Your Budget

Finally, it’s important to create a list of things that you truly need, and prioritize those over things you want. While buying a brand new home can allow homeowners to save money in the long run, by avoiding costly upgrades in the future, it’s easy to go over budget with customization. Consider that things like a quality HVAC system may be more important than the backsplash you want in the kitchen, for example. Compromising on a few of your wants will keep the project within your budget.

New Construction in Atlanta

Take these tips with you as you search for that perfect new home construction in Atlanta. With careful planning and consideration, you’ll have the home you’ve always wanted without the major mishaps!