Considerations when buying a freezer room

Any company handling perishable food needs a cold storage solution. Those handling large volumes of food, catering companies, for example, will probably need a freezer room. Freezer rooms require significant investment so, before you buy, you might want to take into account the following considerations.

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There is a range of freezer rooms – also known as walk in cold rooms – you can choose from, including freestanding, fixed and ones with motors. Why you need a freezer room and how you intend to use it will influence your choice here.
The freezer room you choose will be affected by what you want to store in it. If it is bulk packages of food you might not need many shelves, for example, but if it’s smaller packages that you will need to access frequently, you will probably need shelves so that things are easy to get to. You need to think about the types of foods you’re storing and if they need to be kept separate to meet Food Standards Agency guidance on food storage.

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The amount of space you have available to house your freezer room will also impact your choice. Once you have decided where the freezer will go, take precise measurements to help you narrow down potential options, taking into account not just the size of the freezer but any space needed for ventilation and outside motors. Freezer room suppliers such as will provide you with specific measurements so you can make sure the one you pick fits the space you have.
Shelves are one of the features you need to look for when you buy a walk in cold room as well as moveable trays that are easy to clean. You will definitely want a freezer room with auto-defrost and an adjustable thermostat.
Freezer rooms use a lot of energy to keep cool, which means their energy ratings are important. The better the energy rating, the lower the cost to you to run your business.
There is a range of freezer room retailers out there. If there isn’t one in your local area, or are looking for a good price, online retailers will be your best option. Make sure you find one with good reviews and ratings before you make what is an important purchase.