Four Most Common Tools That You Can Hire

There has been a rapid growth in the rental industry especially for equipment over the years. Everyone, from ‘do-it-yourself’ enthusiasts to companies, is looking to make their work easier without necessarily having to over-invest. However, on the other end of the spectrum, lies people who are utterly unaware that they are a simple search away from getting an online tools hire service in Penrith.

You can choose to hire equipment when for example the cost of buying is too high. Sometimes it may not even be apparent that a tool is expensive until you factor in its maintenance. Most services who offer equipment for hire also maintain them, saving you the hassle.

Other times it makes sense to hire equipment if the project you are undertaking is a one-off. No one wants to buy a digger only to have it lying around as soon as their project is complete. Besides, some equipment has license fees or a ‘skilled personnel requirement’ attached to them. In such a case, hiring presents as a better option because the company will send alongside the equipment, an expert to help with its operation. That said, here are four types of tools that you can hire to help make your work easier:

Mini diggers

Diggers are extremely useful when you have a project that requires excavation work. Instead of working with a spade, a digger will help you finish the task quickly. Many people go for the biggest digger that they can find. This can be a huge mistake. When hiring, be sure to pick the right size for your project. For instance, a 1.5-ton digger could be more fitting for a do-it-yourself residential project involving something like pond excavation, than a 5-ton digger.

When looking for online tools hire service in Penrith to get a digger, consider first services that give you an option for getting a contractor. In some cases, hiring a piece of equipment without knowing how to operate them could end up costing you more. You want to save on resources, not the opposite.

Gardening tools

If you have a garden, you might consider hiring equipment such as lawn mowers, saws, shredders, and cultivators. Hire a lawn mower, for example, when you are sure that you will get time to mow the lawn. The longer you stay with the equipment, the more it is likely to cost you. Prioritise hiring services that offer protective and safety equipment alongside what you are hiring.

Lifting equipment

In general, lifting equipment is classified as ‘heavy’ or ‘light.’ For example, cranes and telehandlers are heavy lifting equipment and are subject to rigorous stipulations. They require that the user be aware of health and safety guidelines before they can be allowed to use them. You can hire such equipment only if you have the qualifications.

However, you can get light duty lifting tools like hoists and hydraulic jams from many online stores. Like with diggers, the idea is to get the right tool for the job. For example, if you are trying to repair your car, a hydraulic jam may be more appropriate than a hoist.


Dumper trucks are mainly used in construction sites, but they also come in handy in transporting other loose material. They vary in capacity and size so that the two factors will determine how much stuff you can carry. Small home projects may need a mini dumper, but large construction projects could hire tracked dumpers.

There are many online tools hire services in Penrith. If you have a project and you need to borrow equipment, contact your local hardware store to find out more about hiring tools and equipment.