In nothern Italy many vineyards were bought

Piedmont is a region in nothern Italy where many international deals were concluded about vineyards sales especially during 2016. For example Campari Group sold an important vineyard to Krause Holdings Inc at high price, precisely € 6.000.000. Then in Castel Baglione area a Dutch company bought a big vineyard ( 12 hectares ) from the italian entrepreneur Gianni Bertolino. In Cuccaro Monferrato area Carlo Liedholm is a great soccer coach Nils Liedholm’s son, sold his Villa Boemia to a Chinese company is a global leader about elevators construction. However we must not forget great deals in the past. For example in 2014 Vignamaggio, a property of such huge historical value, was acquired by Taravella an entrepreneur has his company in South Africa. In that case this vineyard produces Chianti Classico wine. Then a Belgian shipping company bought Nobile Avignonesi historical cellar. Sherwood, an american businessman has his company in England, bought the famous cellar Chianti Classico Capannelle. In Friuli Venezia Giulia region Joseph Bastianich and his mother bought a big vineyard. Foreign investors spent a lot of money for buying vineyards in other italian regions. For example a foreign company bought a huge vineyard in Sardinia ( 540 hectares ) and Teruzzi & Puthod bought 96 hectares in San Gimignano Vernaccia in Tuscany. This information has been given by a luxury real estate agency has a famous website where you can find many examples of great apartments in italian cities, amazing villas and castles in italian country and vineyards especially in Tuscany. This agency said foreign people love Italy and so they like buying luxury properties here. It’s easy to sell hotels, offices, apartments to foreign companies or investors because they look for these properties during every year. For this reason many famous brands about fashion and wine companies were bought in the last 10 years. French, Chinese, Russian, American and Dutch people became new economic owners of important italian companies in many sectors. So the investments made in the period considered were significant. The vineyards sales boom in Italy was great in that period with regard to especially Tuscany and Piedmont regions. To foreign people the wine produced  in Italy is a strong business and for this reason they are really happy to pay a lot of money for buying  italian wine estates. They want to export this fine product around the world because it was requested everywhere.