How to Choose a Mattress

If you wake up with a back pain that disappears as soon as you stretch, then it is time to get a good mattress. This shows that the mattress you have does not offer a good support system or the comfort level is not okay. A good mattress should support the whole body i.e. the head, shoulders, heels and buttocks should be properly aligned.

A very soft mattress will not offer a good support for your pressure points and a very firm mattress will press your pressure points affecting your alignment. This will result into back pain. If your mattress is more than 8 years old with lumps and dips, then it is about time you got a new mattress. It is also good to change your mattress after every 8 years whether it shows any signs of tear and wear or not. It might not give you the support system that it should.

Before buying a mattress you can visit a mattress retailer preferably a Shiffman Mattresses dealer. Do not buy a mattress without laying on the bed first and if possible bring your own pillow and lay on the mattress for about 15 minutes in the position you usually sleep in.

Experts recommend innerspring mattresses, it supports your body using the inner springs. A mattress where the top and the bottom are the same, is good because it can be flipped, therefore extending its life. Shiffman have these kind of mattresses though nowadays most of them just have one comfort layer therefore they cannot be flipped. There are four types of mattresses:

  1. Open-spring Mattresses – They have springs that offer support and they are made from steel wire. It is the most affordable though it is not good for daily use.
  2. Latex – It is good for those with allergies. It is elastic and therefore the distribution of pressure on the body is good. The thicker it is the better the support.
  3. Pocket spring mattresses – The springs are encased individually in fabric. Wool or any fabric is used as filling around the springs and it determines the level of support the mattress offers.
  4. Memory foam mattresses – They do not have springs and they take the shape of the body.

A good way of determining whether a mattress is too soft or too firm is by putting your hand in the small of your back, if there is a gap, the mattress is too firm. If you find it hard to place your hand under, then it is too soft.  The higher the price of the mattress, the higher the spring count and the better the quality of the filling. This ensures that the mattress contours your body very well and you get quality sleep.

When choosing a mattress, you should also consider your weight. Your weight will greatly affect how a mattress sinks, supports, feel and hugs. The support foams work more to give you comfort when you are heavy. You may need to get a combination mattress with different spring tensions on both sides if your partner is heavier or lighter than you.

Memory foam mattresses are sensitive to heat and contours and moulds according to your body.  Try the mattress before you buy it since some people find it restrictive. Sleep on one position then move to a different one. If it is tough then it is not for you.

If you would like your mattress to last for long always turn and rotate it after a few weeks. You can do this often within the first few weeks. Ensure that the mattress comes with a guarantee before investing in it.