Warning Signs That Your Sewer Line is Leaking

Sewer lines carry sewage and wastewater from your home. Most homeowners understand the role sewer lines play in transporting waste to underground sewer mains. However, they don’t give much attention to their sewer lines until they develop an issue. Sewer line leakage causes fresh water supply contamination. Sewer line issues don’t happen often, but they arise due to leaking in one or more parts of the line. You can look out for these crucial signs of for easy sewer leak detection in your home.

Indoor plumbing issues

You can quickly tell that there is a leak in your home’s sewer line if you experience several issues with your indoor plumbing systems. An unusual slow draining that affects fixtures drains or other multiple areas of the plumbing system at once is a clear indication of a leaking sewer line. Some homes have a clean-out pipe that makes it easy for homeowners to access the main drain. You can quickly note a leak in your sewer line if you realize unusual dampness in the opening of the clean-out pipe. An apparent wastewater flow is also an indication that your sewer line is leaking. You should call a plumber to fix the issue to avoid contamination.

Sewer gas odor

A crack in your sewer system can be manifested through an odor in or around your building. A sanitary sewer must be airtight except at the vent stacks on the roof. Therefore, unless there is a crack in your sewer lines, you should never smell sewer odor.

Mold problem

Mold growth is usually an indication that your sewer lines leak into the walls. You need to call an expert immediately you notice mold growth in your home. Cracked sewer pipes even behind walls in your home can cause humidity levels that encourage mold growth. Mold growth not only affects your sewer system but also devalues your home due to damage caused by the walls.

Rodent issues

It may sound unbelievable, but rodent problems are a clear indication of a leak in your sewer lines. Rats like to live in sewers, and they can get into your pipes from the main line. It can squeeze itself through the opening or crack of your sewer line. You don’t want to have a rat inviting itself at your dinner table all because of a leaking sewer line. You need to call an expert to repair a leaking sewer line before it is too late and you have several rats in your home. Besides, rodents spread several life-threatening illnesses such as plague.

Extra green patches of grass

A sewage leak underground can cause green grass patch or an extra green patch of grass in your garden. Sewerage is like a fertilizer for vegetation. Therefore, a leakage from your sewer line into the surrounding soil gives the grass extra nutrients that cause the fresh green appearance.

Septic waste pooling in yard

Another visible warning sign of a leaking sewer line is a pool of septic wastewater in your garden. It is evident that your sewer line is leaking. You only need to give your plumber a call to have the issue fixed before it gets worse than it currently is.

You need to hire an expert to carry out a sewer inspection if you experience any of these signs. Raw sewage should not be taken lightly because of the dangers it poses to the residents. You should call an experienced plumber to take care of the problem quickly.