5 Regular Window Maintenance Tips

If you want your expensive windows to continue looking their best and remain in optimum operational condition for a long time, then routine maintenance is a critical necessity. Windows take a beating on a constant basis as they endure the elements of temperamental weather conditions all year round. Don’t let them succumb to excessive wear and tear, check out these five regular maintenance tips for preserving the look and functionality of your windows.

1. Routine Inspections

Give your windows a thorough inspection as the seasons change. Pay close attention to the condition of the frame and sash, checking for any indications of rot or excessive moisture penetration. If the frame is warped or frail and crumbling, it may have sustained sun damage over the season. Peeling paint may also alert you to a similar problem.

2. Cleaning Your Windows

Perhaps the most basic maintenance you can perform on the window is cleaning it. For the glass, a standard glass cleaner is all you need, simply spray and wipe with a cloth or paper towel. However, when it comes to the frames, you need to consider the materials they are made of when you’re ready to clean them.

Your frames are either made of wood, vinyl or aluminum. For the former, be careful not to get the frames too saturated with moisture, a damp towel or cloth should be sufficient enough to clean away surface grit and grime. With the latter, you can clean vinyl and aluminum with a soft brush and some mild detergent and warm water.

3. Check the Seals

Assess the gaps around the perimeter of the window as they can allow air to get inside and escape from within to the outdoors. This can lead to increase in your heating and cooling bills. Check your rubber seals and replace any that have become worn out.

If you have double-paned or triple-paned windows, be sure there is no moisture inside as this means one of the seals has failed and you will need to get a replacement installed. Failed seals are the primary culprit of compromised insulation integrity and that can reduce the energy efficiency of the window. Weather-stripping must also be diagnosed in order to keep your windows energy efficient.

4. Painting

Give the frames of your windows a new paint job every few years as this can help to keep them from enduring the elements and the intense rays of the sun. When the paint has worn away, it reduces the barrier between the destructive elements and the surface of the window frame. Be sure to clean the frames first and be careful not to paint the window shut by mistake.

5. Repair the Damage

Audit your window frames for any breaks, splintering, or holes that have emerged over time. When you fix these problems early enough, the cost of repair can be much less than if you let the problem get a lot worse. If you find rot in the frame try to remove it as best you can with a pointed object and then fill in the areas with epoxy. This will preserve the integrity of the frames.

If you find that your frames are too badly damaged and need to be replaced, check out our Renewal by Andersen window buying guide for the many options available.