Access Solar Energy Even When The Sun Is Down

Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy which can be harnessed without harming the environment. It helps you to reduce your power bills while also eliminating the problem of power outs. Whether you want to get off the grid and generate clean power for your home, but afraid the solar panels ruining the appearance of your home or you are planning a trip to remote locations without access to power, you need not worry about running out of power. The portable solar generator kit is here to ease all your problems.

The kit includes foldable solar panels, power system and connecting cables. Setting up the generator and battery system is also very easy and hassle free which can be done with the help of an electrician. The lithium iron phosphate (LiFe) batteries help you to store power and you can charge them with the sleek solar panels which are designed with high quality standards.

The lithium iron phosphate (LiFe) batteries are the latest batteries used in solar generators. The lithium LiFe batteries average more than 2500 full cycles or 10 years of daily charging and discharging. They weigh only one third of the conventional lead and lithium batteries which means they take less space in your bag, van or cabin. These batteries are very safe and you need not worry about the safety of the system. These batteries do not lose their charge even when they are neglected and not properly maintained for longer periods of time. The LiFe batteries are also immune to the memory effect which reduces the total capacity of batteries over time and they charge to their full capacity every time you charge them irrespective of how full they were before charging. The advanced lithium battery management system helps you to monitor the charge rate, available power and other issues related to the solar panels and batteries in real time. The battery system comes in three sizes – mini with 1.5 kWh power, standard with 4.8 kWh and plus with 12 kWh power.

The solar panels used in these kits are light weight, foldable and discreet and at the same time maintain the high quality standards. The solar panels are fitted with high tech German engineered cells. These cells are made from high quality silicone and last long. The dimensions of solar panels are designed in such a way that they can be fitted either on your roofs or on your van with ease.

The portable solar generator kits will enable you to use your solar refrigerators, geysers, showers, coolers, mobile chargers, cookers, fire starters and all other equipments even when the sun is not visible. They have a great advantage over fuel generators in terms of noise. The kits are very silent and can be used even while you are driving.

Now is the time to say good bye to the old noisy and gas fuelled generators and get a portable solar generator to enjoy the benefits of solar power wherever you are and whatever the climatic conditions.