Autumn 2017 furniture trends

As the nights draw in, now is the perfect time to pay attention to how you can complement your home with the changes outside by noting autumn’s biggest interior design trends. The colours become deeper and jewel toned with soft fabrics which ooze luxe and comfort.

Here is how you can breathe new life into your home and furniture so you never want to leave.

  1. Green is the white

Leave your guests green with envy as you incorporate this season’s hottest colour into your furnishings. Green is here in a big way as design takes its cue from the great outdoors. Its versatility means it can work just as well in your kitchen as in your living room. Rich emerald, midnight green and teals work well to add drama and sophistication to a room while fusing perfectly with the darker plum, berry and navy shades which we seek comfort in during the colder, darker days. A feature wall in these shades will really make a statement and can easily be changed when you feel like it. As a lighter coloured alternative, look towards olive, avocado and moss.

  1. Think multi-textured

What makes a house a home is texture and there is a clear move towards knit, quilt, velvet, linen, wicker and woven fabrics this autumn. Definitely not confined to any particular living space or items, we are talking light fixtures (which in themselves are bolder than ever) rugs, chairs, storage baskets – anywhere you can add some extra layers will do. How to execute this well is to think ‘contrast’. Bright mustard or peacock blue with natural wood, pair the roughness of wicker with the smooth elegance of glass or faux fur. Doing this will add depth and maturity to the space. These textures will fit well with existing luxe furniture, such as leather armchairs and distressed leather sofas.

  1. Florals

Nobody can resist flowers but the difference is they are large, dominating and somewhat edgier than they ever have been before. Autumn’s florals are plastered on to sensual wallpaper, ceiling to floor curtains and as sofas remain a focal point of a room, those too. By taking advantage of the grown-up hues on trend at the moment, it is possible to incorporate floral designs in a way which suits both males and females. What you won’t find are ditsy prints but blush, grey and green all come together to remix the average flower. Forget being a wallflower.

  1. Mother Nature

This autumn you have permission to do nothing but gaze outside for inspiration as to how to decorate or update your home. Bringing the outside indoors is the overarching theme in interior design at the moment and it offers so many options. Start with earthy colours and more natural materials and finishes. Counteract the havoc of central heating and less time outside by dotting green plants, herbs and shrubs around for decoration (complete with terracotta pots). Spend some time sourcing tree-shaped items for your home – there is no recipe for how to do this. Just let yourself feel more at one with the earth.

  1. Brass

Disappointed copper lovers are having to phase out their old metals but if you never got so far, it is time to embrace brass. Slightly more rustic, so many styles can be achieved with brass – whether you want the room to radiate opulence or appear cool and industrious. Noticeable in the autumn décor is brass being incorporated in an obvious way and it already sits beautifully with the colour palette of the season. Start slowly with a lamp, choose chairs with brass legs and witness the aura change at home.