Do You Want to Keep Your Bedroom Cool During Summer? A Few Tips

During summer months it is really very difficult to get proper sleep when all the walls of your bedroom remain hot and emits heat. Usually, during this season in spite of keeping your room well ventilated, you do not get enough natural air so that you can feel comfortable.

Following are few ways to keep your room cool during summer days so that you can have good sleep at night.


Most of people use ceiling fans in their bed room. You can also change the speed of the fan to suit your need. Such fans can circulate air within the room and your room becomes airy so that it can make the surroundings comfortable enough to get good sleep.

Besides ceiling fan, you can also choose to have a table fan or a pedestal fan and keep it near your bed so that you can focus the direction of the air towards you. Most of these fans also have the facility to rotate in angular fashion so that it can cover a wide area of the room. The advantage of this kind of fan is that you can take it to any place of the room and comfort yourself.

When you are sweating a lot during the summer season then such fans can give you comfort and help you to evaporate your sweat. To make this air cool, you can keep a bowl of ice near the fan and it can blow you cool air.

Air conditioners

Fans have certain limitations particularly in such places where the temperature is extremely high and also the atmosphere is highly humid. Fans may provide very little relief in such situation. Therefore, there is a necessity to install suitable air conditioner to keep your bedroom cool. There are many reputed companies like Samsung, LG and Hitachi are marketing their air conditioners of different capacities and sizes which are quite effective in cooling your bedroom.

Here are two different types of air conditioners available in the market.

  • Window air conditioners

Window air conditioners are fixed in the window by introducing a slot in the window for air conditioner, so that remaining portion of the window can remain closed. In order to choose the right capacity of the air conditioner the total area of the room is considered and based on that you can choose suitable capacity of your air conditioner. You can set to your desired temperature and make your room much more comfortable than using fan.

  • Split air conditioner

Split air conditioner is another variety of air conditioner that is available which are much versatile and very effective in cooling the environment. It has two separate units. The indoor unit is fixed inside the room while outdoor unit is fixed outside. Both these units are interconnected by bunch of cables.

However, you must understand that air conditioner is little expensive appliance as compared to fans and it also needs more electric power and therefore you can expect the electricity bill to increase based on the usage of your AC.