Embracing dark Colours into your home

Grey kitchen featuring Greystone color hardwood floor (Maple-Greystone) For more information, visit www.miragefloors.com

In 2018 we’re stepping away from white and bleached furniture and heading straight over to the dark side. We’ve got some subtle (and not so subtle) ways to bring these into your home.

Without completely redecorating, it can be hard to incorporate darkness into your colour scheme. It can make the room look smaller and more cramped or it can completely transform it, making it look more modern. It’s hard to tell without taking the plunge.

New additions to your home can become expensive so up-cycling is a great way to give it a re-vamp without it breaking the bank. Drawers, wardrobes, chairs and other pieces of furniture can be given a new lease of life with a lick of paint and really can look as good as new. Just ensure you prep the wood properly or it can chip and the paint won’t set properly.

Teaming dark colours with fresh colours is a great way to do it. A large dining table with dining chairs can look Victorian and gloomy but matching it with some mustard or electric blue chairs creates an exciting clash of tone and and style.

Using a clean and contemporary backdrop for a dark piece of furniture really gives it a chance to shine and stand out (in a good way). A light floor paired with fresh, contemporary walls creates the perfect stage for your feature piece.

On the flip side, dark flooring in an otherwise light colour scheme can also complement the room well. A rich, walnut floor could work really well with white or grey furniture and bright colour splashed around the room. You can pick up some lovely dark walnut flooring, or something less dramatic and go for a lighter tone.

If you’re looking at a paint refresh, a feature wall is a great way to add dark colour. Have a shop around and see what colours match your existing furniture to save you buying new.

And there you have it. Our guided on to adding a dark touch to your home!