Our top Christmas storage hacks

Christmas is a happy time of year to enjoy with family and friends, and to take advantage of a much-needed break from work! However, it’s also a time when our homes can be filled to bursting: our fridges and freezers are overflowing with food and drink, newly purchased Christmas decorations jostle for space with those we already own, and the Christmas presents we’ve bought for this year’s festivities leave us scrambling for storage space.

So, what’s the solution?

Here are four handy Christmas storage tricks that’ll prevent you being overwhelmed at what can already be a stressful time of year.

1. Tackling the tree

Artificial Christmas trees take a great deal of work to put together, but take up far too much space to store fully assembled for the rest of the year. You can find specialist Christmas tree storage bags to do this job for you if you have a garage or somewhere else such a bulky item can be stored – or, if you have a large and heavy tree that includes built-in lights, consider investing in a separate storage bag for each section instead. You’ll find after one use that putting the tree back in its original packaging is a chore…

2. Dealing with decorations

Many Christmas decorations – baubles and other tree ornaments in particular – can be fragile, and need to be stored carefully. Large boxes filled with egg boxes can work well for smaller baubles, and cardboard wine boxes with internal dividers work well too. Garlands can be curled up in plastic waste bins to keep them tangle-free, and lights can be wound onto empty storage reels previously used for string or ribbon to save you having to untangle them the following year.

3. Gathering gift bags and wrapping paper

If not properly stored, leftover gift bags and wrapping paper can end up creased and damaged, rendering them useless for the following year. As a solution, invest in tall planters or umbrella stands to keep wrapping paper in perfect condition, while a simple magazine rack will work wonders for your gift bags.

4. Toys, toys and more toys

Storing Christmas decorations and other trimmings is the easier part. What’s harder is attempting to make space for the huge number of toys that children will inevitably receive, adding to the masses that they already own.

Luckily, there are plenty of solutions that make the most of existing space. Under bed drawers or adding extra wall-mounted shelves can make the most of space that isn’t currently being used, while bunk beds can also help. Not only will they free up additional floor space in bedrooms shared by two children, you’ll also find plenty of options that include built-in storage which is perfect for gifts of all types, from cuddly toys to books.

Bunk bed shelves are the perfect replacement for bookcases or as places for children to store the toys that are most special to them, giving them easy access. Bunk bed pockets can either be built in or purchased separately and attached to bunk bed rails to keep certain items close to hand, and to make the whole bedroom look far tidier.