UrbanClap – The Perfect Solution for you LG Appliance Servicing Needs

I and my wife recently purchased an LG AC for our flat. It was a necessity as the summer heat was skyrocketing in Gurgaon. Having a tight budget, we decided to buy an older model of LG AC. The AC worked fine for about three weeks, and all of a sudden it stopped working altogether. We tried reaching out to the LG service center, but they declined to help us as the model was old. We were trapped in a bad situation. We decided to hire local professionals for this problem. So I and my wife started searching for good LG AC service in Gurgaon. But the situation remained the same, as most of the professionals refused to repair an older AC model, while others were charging a hefty amount to repair. We were completely dejected.

UrbanClap as the helping hand

My wife called me up while I was at work and excitedly told me about UrbanClap, and we decided to give it a try. Back home, we downloaded the UrbanClap app from the Play Store which took a few seconds to complete. We then tried to search for the best LG AC service in Gurgaon, but we were asked to register ourselves to become an active user. After the registration process was done, we continued with our search. The app’s user interface was smooth and friendly. We were presented with a list of the type of repairs and services for different kinds of AC, and we selected the required service. After that, we were asked to fill in our address. In the end, we were redirected to a payment portal where we could pay the amount of service online or pay after the service was done. I and my wife decided to pay after the service.

How we got the best professional to fix our AC?

We received a huge list of professionals. Using the app’s in the filtering system, we shortlisted a bunch of professionals for LG AC service in Gurgaon. But that didn’t help much to shortlist the professionals, so we decided to get them shortlisted on the basis of the ratings they received from their previous clients. On the basis of the ratings, we made a shorter list of the professionals among which we decided to go with Mr. Prakash, who was based in Sohna Nagar. We called him up an explained him our situation. Mr. Prakash asked us some of the minor details like the model number, date of purchase, kind of problem etc. He assured us that he would be at our doorstep in just a few hours.

He remained true to his words, and he arrived at our house at the said time. After formal introductions, he quickly started analyzing the AC for defects and faults. He was extremely cooperative and professional in his work. Within half an hour, he managed to find the fault in our AC. He stated that since the model is old, it would be extremely difficult in finding the right parts. Mr. Prakash assured us that he would do anything in his power to arrange for the right body parts.

The very next morning, he returned back with the right body parts and started repairing our AC. The repair was finished in about two hours. We were extremely happy and content with everything, as all of us took a sigh of relief in the cold air of the AC. Mr. Prakash also reaffirmed that he would repair our AC for free should it malfunction again, and gave us his visiting card. We paid him the amount which was shown to us during booking, and Mr. Prakash refused to take additional sum amount for his effort of bringing additional equipment. He bid his farewell.

Why UrbanClap is a must?

It has been a month now, and our LG AC hasn’t malfunctioned yet. Everything is running smoothly and perfectly. I would heartily like to thanks UrbanClap for helping me in my dire situation, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for the best LG AC service in Gurgaon or any other blue collar service requirements. Everything from searching for local help to booking the professional was easy, smooth and convenient. The app itself is neat, informative and has a low learning curve so that users can easily get familiar with it.

I would like to thank Mr. Prakash for his commendable job and fixing my AC in a professional way. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for repairing services in Gurgaon and would give him a 5-star rating. I would also like to thank UrbanClap for providing such an amazing online platform where one can hire reliable blue-collar professionals at the touch of a button.