Sleep More Comfortably While Saving Energy with New Powerful Inverter AC

With revolutionising technology, our lives are becoming easier and more comfortable. Be it fastest range computers, bullet trains or electronics used regularly in our homes, we are constantly developing new and improved systems. Air conditioners are neither left behind, the latest inverter technology is trending the market these days and is showing promising results over the traditional non-inverter AC’s. Lloyd air conditioners that have a high market reputation in terms of varied models and Ac functionality also provide Inverter ACs.

Air Conditioners with Inverters – What is this new technology

The latest technology split AC’s differ from the traditional ones mainly in the functioning of their compressors. Compressor unit of the AC proving refrigerant compression to a desired limit to shut it off, this further allows expansion of the liquid.

Expansion of refrigerant allows the air conditioners to give the desired effect, the cooling down your indoor environment. The following points illustrate the functionality differences between the two technologies:

  • The compressor of the traditional air conditioners works at the constant designated speed.
  • In Inverter Split AC system, an inverter is primarily used to control compressor motor’s speed for better temperature regulation.
  • Inverter units convert AC currents that pass through them into DC, modulating it further to produced desired frequency.
  • This prevents sharp fluctuation loads, thereby improving the efficiency and life of your AC.
  • Non-inverter conditioners have a fixed compressor motor capacity.
  • Inverter based AC can modify its capacity based on requirement.

Benefits of Inverter based AC over Normal AC

The above stated mechanism must have given you an idea of how the compressor system works in both modes of Ac’s available in the nearby stores. Now, let us take a look at the pros of placing an inverter in the air conditioners:

  • Variable motor capacity over fixed capacities in inverter AC’s Variable capacity gives them an at par cooling performance.
  • Automation of temperature regulation also makes inverter based air conditioners more energy efficient.
  • Inverter AC’s are way quieter than its market counterpart.
  • Though the initial investment is high with inverter AC’s, the maintenance cost and the life of the product covers it all.

Two important factors that might affect the buying decision

The biggest factors that must be evaluated before making a final purchase are:

  1. Cost of AC
  • Initial cost of inverter AC’s is high but it delivers lower electricity bills and better performance.
  • Normal AC would be less stressful on your pocket, though will require frequent maintenance.
  1. Noise
  • Noisy compressor motors disturb your environment, so for a peaceful sleep inverter AC would be a better choice.
  • The continuous process of switching the compressor units on and off makes the motor work harder resulting in noise production.
  • This is also responsible for faster depreciation rate of normal split air conditioners.

You must compare the features, varieties, and latest price in nearby stores and also on trustworthy sites like, before making a final decision.