8 Lessons to Learn from Your Exterminator

The exterminator shouldn’t be your ‘go to’ guy for anything to do with pests. To save money and time, learn from them and prevent bugs from infesting your home in the first place. Here are some of the most important lessons you can learn from your average home pest control agent.

  1. Hygiene Issues

Clean houses alone won’t keep pests away. Many pests are influenced by factors you have little control over, such as moisture. In hotter states, you won’t be able to do anything about this. Reduce the impact of moisture by unclogging gutters and airing your rooms out on particularly hot days.

  1. Some Bugs Will Stay

Some bugs you can do absolutely nothing about. For example, bedbugs care not for food and moisture. Your blood is their food. Of course, there are precautions you can take, such as not purchasing sofas from flea markets. Look up prevention methods for common household pests.

  1. Exterminator’s Guarantee

An exterminator can only guarantee they will remove the pests from your home. They can’t guarantee they won’t come back. If you don’t cooperate and follow their advice, you can expect to have to keep calling them again.

  1. Doing it Yourself

Most people don’t realize how qualified pest control agents are. It’s a fine art to spray the right amount of poison and place bait in the correct locations. If you overdo it, you can actually make the problem worse. Bug bombs to eliminate bedbugs, for example, will simply scatter the bugs even further around your property.

In short, leave everything to the experts!

  1. Do Your Research

As already mentioned, pest control agents have a lot of experience and expertise. An inexperienced professional won’t get rid of the problem, and might just make it worse. Check your exterminator for any relevant local and state certifications before hiring them. Look online for reviews and ensure they have a solid track record of success.

  1. Bad Pests

Not every pest you find in your home needs to be eliminated. Ladybugs will actually help your garden by getting rid of plant-eating aphids. Spiders also help to get rid of flies, unless they happen to be brown recluses or black widows.

A high concentration of good pests could indicate a pest problem, though. There’s a reason they’re congregating on your property. Order an inspection just to be on the safe side.

  1. Tell the Neighbours

Always tell the neighbours about a pest invasion. Even if you live in a detached property, there’s a risk of the pests invading homes next to you, as well. It demonstrates good community spirit and potentially saves your neighbours from a big headache.

You might also get a discount from your pest control agency by ordering a joint extermination. Anything that saves money is always worth doing!

  1. Environmental and Health Dangers

There’s no need to worry about the type of treatments exterminators use. State laws mean exterminators have to abide by strict regulations on what they can use. Pesticide use has decreased significantly in the last few years. The most important thing is keeping customers healthy.

Hiring a professional exterminator is a good idea, instead of tackling a problem yourself. There are plenty of resources you can use to find a professional exterminator. One is TrustATrader. They have a directory of reliable exterminators for you to choose from, so you know the problem is going to be resolved.