Getting Your New Home Ready For You To Move In

Moving to a new house is a long, complicated, and often difficult process. Of course, there are the tasks of finding the right company to help, packing, as well as completing the sale and purchase of your properties. But one task that can easily be lost in all this chaos is making sure your new place is actually ready for you to move in.

You might not think that this is an especially important step. However, just imagine that after a long day of moving, you find out that your new home is not completely clean. Or that somehow, you realize that you hate the shade of blue in the living room. Or even worse, the Wi-Fi wasn’t installed properly.

See? There’s nothing worse than no Wi-Fi. Avoid this, and all the other problems of a home that’s not ready for you, by getting a few tasks done before your moving day.

  • A deep clean

How clean the previous owners will leave the home changes on a case by case basis. Some people will do a fine job cleaning the house for you, while others won’t. But even if they do, it’s worth considering doing a deep clean of your soon-to-be home. After all, the previous tenants have probably only touched the surface when it comes to cleaning.

A deep clean doesn’t just mean wiping down kitchen and bathroom counters and sweeping the floors. It involves cleaning grout between tiles, bathroom wares, light fixtures, closets, and everything else in your house. You can hire house cleaning services to get the job done for you or go at it on your own. Just know that this takes a lot of time and effort so you’ll need to be prepared.

  • New locks

Once you have picked up the keys to your new home, it might be a good idea to change the locks on all of the exterior doors. You can either buy and install new locks or get a locksmith to come over and change them for you. By making new keys, you can rest easy knowing that you, your family, and your belongings are safe in your secured home that no one else can access.

Who knows how many people have copies of the old keys to your new place? The previous owners, friends, family, estate agents, and numerous maintenance people could all have extra copies lying around. At the same time you change the locks, get a home security system installed if you are planning to do so.

  • Home improvement projects

If you have big home improvement plans for your new pad, now is the opportune moment to get a kick-start. It is much easier to get some work done in an empty home than one that is full of your furniture and other stuff. Home improvement is quite invasive and requires a bit of time and effort, so why not make the process easier by working on your home before you move in?

Some projects you can complete before you move in is painting the walls, patching up some imperfections in your walls, installing a new set of kitchen cabinets, or redoing the flooring. If possible, finishing off these home improvement projects, or at least starting them, is much easier when you don’t have to move furniture around.

  • Closet, window, and lighting fixtures

Similar to home improvement, installing closet, window, and lighting fixtures is much easier if you have enough room. Get these installations done before you move in and, again, you won’t have to worry about temporarily shuffling furniture around.

These fixtures shouldn’t be underestimated. After all, a dim light, boring window, or bare closet detracts from your home’s livability and beauty. By installing these fixtures early on, you’ll be well on your way to having the home you want when you first step into your new place.

  • Energy, internet, television, telephone, etc.

Make arrangements to ensure that your utilities are set up in time for your move-in date. You don’t want to spend the first night (or two) at your new home without heating, water, internet, television, or telephone services.

This is especially important if you won’t use the providers that the previous owners used. When switching utility companies, it’s crucial that you time the change right so that you’ll have the correct bill come the end of the month.

In the mad rush to get everything ready for your moving day, it can be easy to forget about preparing your new house for you to actually move in. But by thinking ahead and putting in some work, you can make the transition go smoothly once you’ve finished moving house.