How to choose flooring for a playroom

A floor that’s durable and lasts
Providing comfort and ensuring you have a long-lasting solution are the keys to choosing a successful floor in a playroom. Your child will require a floor that’s durable to withstand the test of time, and thankfully there are many options on the market to suit your individual needs. Many parents will opt for neutral colours to ensure the floor will not need to be replaced once the child becomes an adult.


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Traditionally, carpet has been the unanimous choice for a playroom. It is durable, soft underfoot and protects children by cushioning blows if they fall. Some parents prefer a carpet because it is relatively easy to maintain, it is cost effective, and there are plenty of patterns to choose from. Many brands are also stain resistant.
A floor that protects children who tend to succumb to tumbles is vinyl. It provides that essential soft support, and there are many styles to choose from. There is vinyl flooring on the market that is strikingly similar to wood, slate or urban concrete. No matter what floor you choose, you are guaranteed the same soft feeling underfoot. Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice to combine with underfloor heating. It quells noise, which is suitable for enthusiastic kids.


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Whilst vinyl flooring is 100 percent plastic, laminate is 99 percent wood. Laminate flooring is scratch and splash resistant, and it never loses its shine, also making it an attractive option for a playroom. It’s easy to install, low maintenance and cost effective to replace.
The experts will advise on the most appropriate flooring
If you are unsure which is the most suitable floor for your personal use, there are plenty of stockists of the full spectrum of flooring such as
According to today’s manufacturing methods mean that laminate and vinyl floorings are strikingly similar to real stone, ceramic and wood.
Although it’s not the first option that comes to mind, some parents opt for cork flooring because it offers an eco-friendly element that is perfect for a playroom. Cork is soft and springy and provides a cosy surface for the children to play on. It also boasts a natural look, and it too will stand the test of time with its contemporary appearance. It’s also ideal for those who are environmentally aware.