How To Find A Qualified Mold Remediation Professional

Having water damage go undetected can lead to big problems. The worst part of water damage is when the mold starts to form. Untreated mold problems can be hard to get rid of and can cause serious health complications. If the mold situation is contained to a certain area of your home or business, then it is best to contact a mold remediation company to help get the situation under control. If you try to get rid of the mold problem on your own, you could end up making the situation worse than before. Below are some questions to ask a potential moldremediation company to determine if they are qualified.

Are Health Hazards Present?

Even though mold remediation professionals are not health practitioners, they do fully understand the toxic nature and possible side effects of different molds caused by water damage. The professional should know all about mycotoxins and know how to explain to their potential clients the difference between a toxic response to a poisonous substance and a basic mold allergy.

Is Testing Necessary?

It is always best to have the environment tested before and after the mold remediation has been completed. This should be done by someone other than the mold remediation company so that there is no conflict of interest. It will also give some demonstration as to whether the mold removal was successful or not. A reputable professional for mold remediation Jacksonville Florida such as the quality professionals at will not dismiss the fact that testing the environment before and after the project is necessary.

Do You Contain The Project?

This is a really important question to ask any potential mold remediation companies. It is critical that any company fully contains their work areas because proper containment using protective gear and plastic sheeting is necessary to avoid cross-contamination of the mold area and the surrounding unaffected areas. If they use negative air machines, they should be HEPA-filtered and the exhaust should be released outside.

Are You Insured?

There are some companies that do projects without having any type of insurance. You should always steer clear of these kinds of companies even if they are trying to lure you in with cheaper pricing. If they have no insurance and the work does not get completed as it should, you may end up spending much more in the long run. It is always best to work with honest and legitimate companies.

Any reputable mold remediation professional should be more than willing to answer any and all questions you might have about your moldproblem. It can be a serious and sometimes deadly problem that needs to be addressed properly and by qualified professionals only. When interviewing the company, listen to your gut instincts and you should be able to make the right decision about your health and the well-being of your family.