How To Keep Your Home Warm During Winter Without Turning Up The Heat

Nobody likes living in a freezing cold home during the winter. When the cold season starts, home can feel like the only refuge you have against the bitter outdoor weather. But as most homeowners already know, the price of keeping your home warm all winter long isn’t cheap. Even if you do your best to keep your home heating system energy efficient by getting updates from Arundel Cooling and Heating, you’re still going to be looking at a pretty hefty bill at the end of each month from the period of November to March, potentially longer if you live in a very cold area. But not to worry: If you’re trying to find better ways to keep your home at a tolerable level of warmth without going all-out on the electricity bill, there are many simple home hacks and tricks you can use to get a better deal on your home heating. Here are a few ways to keep your home nice and toasty without touching the thermostat.

Invest in a Wood Stove

There’s nothing like natural, wood-burning heat in the winter for that perfect sealed-in toastiness. It works to heat up a whole house easily and it doesn’t depend on energy to do it. If you already know how to make a fire, you can spend winter evenings heating up your entire first floor using nothing but stove heat. However, if you have a home that doesn’t come with a wood burning stove, you might imagine that this isn’t an option. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that the cost of installing a wood burning stove isn’t actually that high. For around $2,000- $4,000, you’ll be able to heat your home easily and naturally for years.

Use Space Heaters in Small Rooms

Smaller bedrooms can often be the coldest, especially if they’re on the top floor. Using space heaters to quickly provide a source of heat to smaller rooms that are cut off from the main heating system is a great way to create an instantly cozy atmosphere. You can switch on a heater for a few minutes, wait for the room to heat up, and switch it back off again, making it an energy-efficient option for cold winter nights.

Seal Your Window Frames

Weatherproofing your home is a perfect way to keep the chill out. Whether you’re dealing with heavy snowstorms, cold winter winds, or sleet, you can protect your house from any gaps or air leaks by putting an extra layer of caulking or plastic around each window. Keeping your home sealed and airtight means that you don’t have to leave the heat blasting for too long. Once you turn on that thermostat, you’ll be able to turn it off again and retain the heat without instantly having to deal with that chill.

Use Rugs

Doing something as simple as installing a rug in a cold room with a tile floor, such as the bathroom, can help trap heat inside and make for much more pleasant mornings. In larger rooms, installing a fluffy area rug can help increase coziness and warmth.