Laminate Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips (You Need to Know)

When it comes to choosing a floor basement, the laminate flooring is the most durable and makes cleaning a fresh breeze. To maintain that dazzling shine and long life, one should be aware of proper maintenance.

Periodically wipe the floor with right cleaning products that are exclusively for cleaning laminate floor care.

Because these floors are made of wood, so must avoid its exposure from moisture. The laminate flooring needs to be cleaned daily to prevent the accumulation of dirt or grit which can scratch or reduces the floor finishing. With the help of cleaning products, your floor looks great for many years.

Top Laminate Care Products:

  • The best floor cleaning product that is designed uniquely for laminate is Shaw’s R2X Hard surface cleaner will give the impression of being awesome for overtime. The R2X cleaner should be sprayed lightly on the base and then wipe with a cotton cloth or microfiber mop to away from dirt, grease and scuff marks.
  • Another top laminate floor cleaner is Quick-step cleaning product. The Quick-step cleaning kit comes with a microfiber mop, its holder, and a bottle of quick-step cleaning product. Add some product to the bucket and mop it either dry or damp. Quick-step cleaner gives you the new-floor feeling and works excellent for greasy build-ups.
  • The Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleanser with PS3 is good for streak-free cleaning and hypo-allergenic in nature. It is made with a no-rinse formula so you can be directly sprayed on the floor. It can remove dirt, spills and soil footprints without any loss of exterior coating.
  • Bona Stone Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner is an excellent choice to clean every floor in your home. It also comes with the no-rinse formula that won’t leave any residue on your floor.
  • Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner is superior for ground-in dirt and soil. It is well-made for mopping or spot cleaning. It is designed exclusively for all types of laminate flooring which have urethane finish.

Tips to Clean The Laminate Floors:

  • Make sure regularly to sweep, dust or vacuum the floor with the right type of vacuums such as hard floor attachment to get rid of grime and scuff. It’s essential to notice that you must avoid wet mop.
  • Must use entry mats at the entrance of the door to collect sand, grime, and other stuff; otherwise, these may get tracked onto the floor.
  • Employ floor protectors and load-bearing leg rollers to reduce the chances of getting scratches from heavy objects.
  • To maintain the natural expansion and contraction of wood, keep a moderate indoor relative humidity range between 35 to 65% throughout the year.
  • Try to use a damp cloth to spot up the spills and never use liquids. Keep away from steam cleaners or wet mops which give high damage to the floor.
  • Crop the nails of your pets to avoid scrapes in your basement.
  • Use acetone or nail polish remover on a clean cloth for tight spots like paint, oil, lipsticks, ink or tar.
  • The usage of wet mop with soap, water, detergent, or other liquids can cause warping, swelling, de-lamination and violate the warranty.