Necessary tips for designing a garden – What are the best techniques?

BWS landscaping for Lauren Sweeney

It can’t be denied that the best gardens are definitely those which make people comfortable and happy. Great gardens certainly look good but they should also be able to make you feel good. The gardens which are usually admirable are the ones that are easily navigable, relaxing and not very tough to maintain. The structures and paths within the garden should be simple and easy, the plants that you select should be of interest and they should also serve a purpose.

There are several landscape architects who are engaged in handling such comfort and utility issues almost everyday. So, when garden design is on your mind, here are few practical tips that you should follow in order to design a live and enjoyable garden.

#1: Give a proper shape to your lawn

Take a close look at the window of your garden and plan about the best shape which you will find in your lawn. In case you plan on a strong shape, the total garden will always be on the best track. No, it is not that it has to be rectangle but it can also be a circle, oval, oblong or square shape.

#2: Keep a wide berth

Ensure that the pathways are pretty wide so that people can comfortably pass through the place. None will love to squeeze themselves through narrow spaces, regardless of whether it is an indoor or an outdoor garden. The main space should be wide so that at least 2 people can walk side by side without having any problem. It shouldn’t be less than 5 feet. The taller are the plantings which surround the path, the wider the path has to be. Tall boundaries will make the place look more restricted.

#3: Don’t skimp on flowerbeds

If you design a border, a metre or a little more in terms of depth will offer you enough space to put the small plants to the forefront and will keep the taller ones behind. In case you don’t have enough space for the metre-deep plant beds, you can easily place the climbers behind the border so that you can achieve height in planting.

#4: Landscaping can set the actual tone

The way in which you lay the paving and the color that you provide will offer a strong design for the total garden. The grey or white stone which is laid in a random pattern can set the scene for the French country look. If you can set silver or black paving which is set in a regular design, this can form the best backdrop for a modern and sleek scheme. On the other hand, golden stone or buff can be arranged to create a random English pattern.

Therefore, now that you have nice and smart ideas of creating the best garden design, you should start following them if you have a plan of designing a garden. You can also call a landscape designer if you don’t think you can do things on your own.