The Hassle to find the best Service Centre for Samsung Refrigerator Ended with UrbanClap

There are many electric appliances in our homes which we use in our day to day lives. These are built to provide comfort to us and to make our lives easier. But now we have become so heavily dependent on these that we cannot manage even a single day without them. One such important appliance of everyday use is the Refrigerator. It is used to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh, store cooked and raw food and food items and keep things cold such as water. It is an essential part of life, and with advancement in technology, the refrigerators are coming up with new features and benefits. Last year we bought a Samsung Refrigerator with all the new features and we loved everything about it.

But recently, there was an incident of current overflow in our area. Many people reported many of their appliances not working after that. For us, everything seemed to work fine until I opened the refrigerator. I saw its light off and I was surprised to see that. Then I realized that the refrigerator was not working at all. I switched the main power button off and on but the refrigerator did not work. There was a big problem on my head now because the things stored in it would become bad and we would not be able to store more things as well if we didn’t get it repaired quickly enough. Hence, I set about searching a centre for Samsung Refrigerator Service in Bangalore.

The Search Began

Since I had never had my refrigerator serviced or repaired before, therefore I was unaware of any good centre for Samsung Refrigerator Service in Bangalore. So the first step I took to find one was to call out my friends and relatives and ask if anyone had got their Samsung Refrigerator serviced or repaired before and if they could tell me about some good service centre for getting mine repaired. But to my surprise, no one had faced such an issue before and hence no one was able to help me in this regard.

This made me a little bit worried since quite a lot of time had passed and I was yet to find a service centre let alone taking the refrigerator there and getting it repaired. I went only after that and tried to find good service centre online. But most of the centers for Samsung Refrigerator Service in Bangalore I could find were quite far from my home and the ones which were near had really bad reviews. I didn’t want to risk my almost new refrigerator, so I decided against taking it to just any service centre.

How I came to Know about UrbanClap?

While browsing online, I saw an advertisement and came to know about the UrbanClap app. They claimed to provide solution for home and appliance related services. I liked the advertisement and decided to download the app. The app is small in size and hence was downloaded and installed within a few seconds. After opening the app, I was able to easily navigate to the refrigerator repair section. The UI was simple, unique and clean as well which helped to make the process quick. I submitted my service request and soon receive a call from the representative of a service centre asking about the problems which I was facing. The representative was Mr. Roy and I explained him what happened. He told me that they are processing my service request and that their team will come to pick up the refrigerator within a couple of hours. They were quite punctual and arrived on time. They took the refrigerator to the service centre after which Mr. Roy called me and explained that there was a short circuit and some part needs to be replaced. He told me the estimated bill and started the repair after getting my permission. They repaired the refrigerator within the same day and delivered it on the next day as well. The pickup and delivery service was provided for free as well and I had multiple options to pay the final bill.

Why I will like to recommend UrbanClap?

So I was able to find the best centre for Samsung Refrigerator Service in Bangalore and get my refrigerator repaired quite quickly thanks to UrbanClap and Mr. Roy. The services they provided were excellent and my refrigerator is working fine now. They behaved quite professionally and were quick and efficient as well. I am so much thankful for UrbanClap which helped me so much. They are providing world class facilities to their customers at nominal rates and one can only applaud such efforts.

I would look forward to using their services again as they provide much more services. Also, I would like to advise this app to everyone. Just give it a try and you’ll not be left disappointed.