The Two Most Common Problems Experienced With Fiberglass Pool and How You Can Avoid Them

Like a majority of homeowners who want a pool for their home, you have probably tried doing an extensive research on the different options for pools you can build or purchase. According to custom pool builders in Ocean Springs, fiberglass swimming pool is one the most preferred options for homeowners. If you have gone through the different forums with discussions on custom swimming pools, you have probably also come across certain problems that a lot of the owners of inground fiberglass pool seek help for. This article details the solution to the three most common problems, so that know what to expectthe next time you contract a swimming pool contractor in Ocean Springs.

  1. Poor Plumbing Settling That’s Resulting In Leaks

There are a lot of people who seek solution to what appears to be a plumbing settling on the fiberglass pool. Unknown to them is that fact that the plumbing does not settle but rather the backfill material around the fiberglass pool. Inexperienced custom pool builders in Ocean Springs find it challenging to comprehensively compact sand around the fiberglass pool during the construction process.

The first solution that pool installers will offer in this situation is to try bringing the sand upwards in 6inch to 12 inch lifts and ensure that the sand is fully saturated with water. Unfortunately this doesn’t always satisfactorily solve the problem as the sand will tend to still settle most of the time. This causes the sand to continue being enclosed in the pool and as it’s pulled down by gravity more pressure is exerted on the plumbing of the swimming pool. There are even custom pool builders in Ocean Springs who will resort to tying up their plumbing so that it remains securely in place. This is not also a lasting solution as the pressure on the plumbing will still be too much and sooner or later it will give in and begin to leak.

Lasting Solution

The best way to prevent leaks is to ensure that the plumbing stays secured in place. Seasoned swimming pool contractor in Ocean Springs will normally do this using gravel backfill which has been seen to be incapable of settling. As long as the backfill doesn’t move, the plumbing will also not move.

  1. Discoloration And Fading Of Colored Fiberglass Pool Finishes

This is a gel coat issue that every professional custom pool builders in Ocean Springs cares about since it involves the aesthetics of the pool. This problem is mostly a result of the fiberglass pool that has not been manufactured following the best manufacturing practices.

The solution to this is simple; only give your pool building contract to reputable pool builders and take good care of your pool