Tips for Keeping Pests out of your Home in Hillsborough

If you have been inside of a home that is experiencing a mouse infestation you likely noticed the smell that was associated with mice living inside of people’s homes. What is even worse is when there is a mouse stuck inside of the wall that the homeowner can’t find and then they die inside of the wall.

There is no reason for homeowners to be living with mice in their home when they live in Hillsborough. Pointe Pest Control is located in Hillsborough New Jersey and are there to serve the homeowners of Hillsborough when they need them the most. With many years of experience and highly trained staff, there is no reason that you should wait until your home is completely infested with pests. The pest control experts at Point know exactly how to remove the pests from your home and can help prepare you to keep them outside for the remainder of the season.

Tips from the Experts

We asked the experts at Pointe Pest Control in Hillsborough for tips and advice regarding how to avoid a pest infestation and what to do if you have one. They responded with 5 tips that every homeowner should know and do to help prevent their homes from being filled with unwanted guests.

Here are the tips they provided us:

  1. Maintain a clean home
  2. Enclose all open holes
  3. Watch for signs
  4. Maintain the exterior of your home
  5. Call a pest control company

It is very important that you maintain a clean home in order to keep pests from trying to move in. Most bugs and pests that want to live inside of your home are looking for one thing- food. If you have a messy homes it is very likely that there are crumbs in places that you do not even realize. The more clean you keep your home, the less likely you will have pests trying to take up residence.

Mice and spiders are known for finding the tiniest holes to squeeze through. You should check any areas where there may be small openings into your crawl spaces or attics. There aren’t usually holes directly into your living spaces, but there are holes in surfaces that are attached to your living spaces. If you check for any openings in places like attics and crawl spaces and close them off you will be more capable of keeping pests on the outside of your home.

It is important that you watch for signs of pests. Many people ignore the signs of an invasion until there home is crawling in unwanted pests. For example, if you notice some mouse dropping somewhere in your home you need to act quick. It does not take long for a home to be completely filled with mice if you ignore the signs. This goes for spiders and other bugs as well.

Finally, if you do have a problem, call Pointe Pest Control in Hillsborough. A pest control company can come in and handle your problems in a matter of hours and return your home to a pest free area. If you choose to not call a pest control company the matters inside of your home will get out of control.