Tips for Re-Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen can look drab and dull after a few years which usually call for a renovation. But renovating a kitchen costs a lot and some people may not have the budget to afford an immediate renovation. However, you can re-paint your cabinets. Re-painting kitchen cabinets can upgrade the whole outlook of your kitchen without spending much money. It is better to hire professional painters to do the job for you but you can do it yourself as well. Just make sure to consider the following tips while re-painting your kitchen cabinets for professional looking results.

Choose Water-based Paints

Before starting the project, you should choose the paints carefully. There are water-based paints present in the market which are specifically made for kitchen cabinets. Buy paints like acrylic alkyds and acrylic urethanes that are long-lasting as well as provide a better result. Since these paints are water-based, they do not have toxic fumes that make your whole house smell like chemicals. Also, you can easily redo any mistake you make while painting.

Cover Countertops with Rosin Paper

It is important to protect countertops, walls and floor while painting the kitchen cabinets as painting is a messy job. There are many chances that paint will drip and splash on the countertops. You should cover the surfaces with rosin paper which is quite inexpensive and available on local stores. You can also use brown builder’s paper as an alternative to rosin paper in case it was not available.

Remove the Doors

It is tempting to paint the cabinets without taking off the doors but that is a mistake, if you want professional looking results. The paint can get on the hinges or some surfaces can be hard to reach, this means you will end up with poor results. That’s why you should remove the doors of kitchen cupboard carcasses and cabinets with the help of a screwdriver. After unhinging the doors it is better to remove the hinges altogether, so that it’s easier to paint the doors. Use standoffs to support the doors while you are painting them.

Get Rid of the Grease

Before re-painting the cabinets, it is necessary to remove the old paint. Use a sand paper to get rid of the old paint. The cabinets will also have a huge amount of grease from years of usage. New paint won’t stick to cabinets if they have grease on them. Use a dishwashing liquid or better yet, a TSP solution to remove any grease present on the cabinets. You can buy these TSP solutions from any local store. It is also important to sand the cabinets prior to painting.

Use Fast-Drying Primers

In order to complete your painting project quickly, you should use a fast-drying primer. Primers are the base coat that protects the wood of the cabinets from damages. Apply primers before recoating the cabinets with paint. You will need to apply many coatings of paint for better results. Just make sure the primer you are using is compatible with the paint.