Using Waterjet Glass Tile to Transform Your Home from Basic to Glam

Waterjet glass tile is the latest trend home décor.

It’s been recently discovered that water can cut through anything – even bullet proof glass – when it is released from a 1mm nozzle at extremely high pressure (175,000 × running water from the faucet) at a speed faster than sound.  This technology is currently being used to cut glass into durable tiles for flooring and wall cladding.

Waterjet glass tile accents are good additions to any interior design.  They come in neutral or dramatic colors. They are also made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  To give your living spaces more personality and class, here’s a quick guide on how to use glass tiles:

What are the characteristics of glass?

Glass is an environment-friendly alternative to ceramics because it takes less energy to produce. Non-porous, glass is resistant to mildew, stain, mold, and chemical damage. It’s takes not time to keep them sparkling clean. The only drawback is they tend to show fingerprints and footprints easily, so they’ll have to be wiped with a non-abrasive cloth more frequently.

Glass tiles that pass ASTM standards are durable. However, they are more likely to get scratched on the surface compared to ceramics. It would be better to keep them away from the busiest areas of the house.

Where should you install them?

In the bedroom, glass mosaic backsplashes would look great installed in the wall behind the headboard. In the kitchen, the ideal spot is the space between the counter and the cupboards. The wall facing the door is the best place to add a little glam in the bathroom.

Designers also use glass tiles to correct issues like the space being too narrow or small. Choosing a wide rectangular tile, for example, will trick the eye into believing that the wall is wider than it is. Its reflective surface also gives an illusion of extended space.

Just be careful not to overly design the area though. When home decorating, non-pros have two fears: doing too much or doing too little.  The safest way to get started is to choose neutral colors for the base.  After you’ve settled on a color palette that’s easy on the eyes, add the bolder more eye-catching glass tile mosaics. Investing in just one focal point is cheaper than over decorating every corner.

How are tiles chosen?

Function is the most important consideration in choosing the right tile.  When tiles were first used, they were installed in places that had to be particularly clean.  But now that they come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, it’s harder to settle on one color or pattern for your home.

Start by choosing the right color. Bright warm colors like red, orange of yellow activate the mind. They are great colors for extroverts who love being around people.  Hexagon Kitchen Backsplash tile in shades of red and orange is best used in living and dining areas, but they are not the best choice for bedrooms. To induce sleep, choose colors that calm the mind like lighter shades of green, blue-gray and pink.

The colors that dominated 2017 are dramatic shades like purple, emerald green and sunny yellow and bright red. Be warned though:  these colors can make the room look dark and dreary.  If you find yourself gravitating towards the deeper shades of plum or teal, add white-colored borders, fixtures, furniture, and curtains. This will balance out the darker colors and make the room look brighter.

Finally, make your choice with a theme in mind. Some of the more popular design themes in which you can use an interesting mix of waterjet glass tile accents include:

  • Coastal. This is predominantly designed in white and light blue with minimal accents.
  • Moroccan. This interior is best known for its bright colors and texture.
  • Modern. Popular in recent years for its minimal and highly functional details, this look is chic and confidently understated.
  • Eclectic. This design feels like anything and everything was thrown into the room. Nonetheless, the details go together.

As a final tip, homeowners on a budget can combine the luxurious effect of glass tiles with cheaper ceramic tiles.  Glass tiles beautifully stand out in a bare room, you don’t have to use too many of them to create an impact.

Giving your home a makeover can be overwhelming. Despite that nagging voice of self-doubt though, go ahead and work on that eccentric glass mosaic you’ve always wanted to have.  Coming home to an Instagram-worthy house can help shoo the blues away.  It’s well worth the effort.