Things to Consider Before Building Horse Stables

Only true horse people know how much planning goes into a perfect horse stable. So if it’s your first time owning horses and building a stable, you need to know a lot of things. When building stables people mostly focus on the material and design but other things like ventilation of the barn, the storage space for feed and equipment also require special consideration. To help you build a perfect barn, following are some tips you should consider.

Choose Timber

It’s like an unwritten rule that you should build stables with timber. Always employ professional timber building manufacturers to build barns. You can create workshops and garden sheds by you but a stable is too large a project to DIY. Timber has many benefits which are perfect for stables such as it is affordable and provide the outlook that compliments the simplicity of barns. Building large structures like barns tend to exceed your expectations in almost every way which makes timber an optimum choice.

Build Bigger Stalls and Wider Aisles

Designing a stable is probably the trickier point of building stables and people often make the most mistakes at this point as well. One thing that will give you the best stable design and save your from future regret is the size of stalls and aisles. You should build bigger stalls in order to accommodate the living space of the horses plus making wider aisles makes it easier to move horses.

Use Mats for Stall Flooring

It is important to consider the comfort of horses when planning a stable. Install a rubber mat system for stall flooring as it is not too soft or too hard and horses can stay comfortable without hurting their hooves. For the aisle flooring you can choose concrete and brick pavers.

Install a Washing Stall

In order to wash your horses in every season you will need an indoor washing stall. Build a separate stall equipped with a drainage system, mat flooring and overhead hose which provides both hot and cold water. Also, add frost-free fixtures to use in freezing weather. Having an indoor washing area is better for the horses in addition to an outdoor wash bay where you can clean and groom your horses all year round despite of the ice-cold weather outside.

Add an Adequate Ventilation System

Proper air flow is necessary for the health of your horses that’s why you need to invest in a good ventilation system. Experts recommend that you install the ventilation system in the roof to allow most of the air in the barn. It is better to ventilate the whole building instead of the individual stalls for better air flow.

Sliding Doors for Stalls

Choose sliding doors for horse stalls because they open smoothly and does not make much noise. People don’t think much about choosing the right doors and install overhead electrical garage doors which make loud noises that can spook the horses. Sliding barn doors are also cost efficient.