Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about steel detailing is important

Structural engineering is divided into processes and steel detailing is a big part of it. Structural engineering demands accuracy up to 90%. Even the tiniest errors which to us might not seem very significant can lead to loss of money and weeks of delay. Anything which requires a steel structure whether it be buildings, bridges and etc, all require steel detailing to be done if they comprise of the steel structure.

All the types of processes, like erection of residential, and commercial buildings, factories, and institutes. The steel detailing is an important process since it all connects and makes many important communication links involving contractors, architects, engineers, fabricators and basically everyone else who is involved in the whole process.

One of the main keys of steel detailing process is to create the detailed drawings made with utmost accuracy to be provided to the fabricators and contractor. This process involves two main types of drawings which are shop drawings and erection drawings.

  • Shops drawings help make the detailed drawings with most attention to detail of individual Steel pieces which need to be made by the steel fabricator. These drawings which can also be called blueprints can include material specification, component sizes, bolting, welding, dimensions and many more things. These drawings, however, do not include details about erection and the installation of steel pieces.
  • Erection drawings, in my opinion, can be called more detailed in this situation, since it gives out the plans such as dimensions and the exact accurate place where a specific steel component needs to go in a specific manner. These drawings consist of the details about the position of a steel component, requirements for installation of bolts, welding and etc.

Steel detailing standards

Different countries have different steel detailing standards; the steel detailer has to meet up with the specific country steel detailing standards. The design and strength of the structure are the responsibility of a structural engineer whereas, the duty of an architect S2 meet the standard of dimensions and building codes. It is the responsibility of the detailer to get his drawings approved by a structural engineer and architect before they can be sent out to a fabricator.

Benefits of getting steel detailing done

Steel detailing is important, as you have read the steps of it. It is very much clear for a sane person to know this is not the work of a normal person, it needs the most accurate commands, if normal unprofessional person would try to do such a thing they will fail badly much of the money will be wasted, and most precious thing to anyone (time) will also be wasted.

Steel detailers are experts in the subject they are precise with every move and know how to make everything in detail. Every type of professional does his own part of the task and the process is actually made up of many small processes which shows how complex it is, so it’s better left in the hands of professionals.