5 Ways To Quickly Beautify Your Home

We all want a more beautiful home. But how can we get it? Life with kids, pets, loved ones, jobs and responsibilities makes big changes seem like mountains to climb, while having to drag others to the top at the same time. Not so fun, right? Well, you don’t have to make huge changes in order to really make a difference to the beauty of your home.

If you’re looking to have a more beautiful (Instagram-worthy?) home, there are some things you can do, that don’t involve knocking down anyone’s walls or spending thousands of pounds. Even small things like a lick of paint or chucking out things you don’t use anymore make a world of difference. So here, find out how to beautify your home with these smaller jobs that don’t take a whole team of men to complete.

  • Do a deep clean

First things first: do a deep clean of your home, or pay someone to do it. It will take around 1 day but is a lot of work. It will involve taking the furniture out; doing a deep clean of the carpets; dusting absolutely everywhere; cleaning fixtures, windows, appliances from top to bottom; and everything else you can think of. It does make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home, however.

  • Catch up on routine maintenance

Routine maintenance is absolutely key. Think about your fixtures and appliances? Are they working correctly? Are your windows leaking, for instance? You may need replacement windows. Perhaps they just need to be cleaned and repaired a little bit. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine, so do your routine maintenance like gutter cleaning, boiler checking and appliance repairs before they get worse.

  • Declutter everywhere

When you’re doing your deep clean, it’s the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your place. Those amazing homes you see online and on social media? They don’t have any clutter lying around. Some mess sometimes is inevitable, but keep clutter to a minimum and your home will instantly look prettier. This is achieved by throwing away things you don’t use (or putting them into storage), or buying pretty and functional storage like baskets or boxes to keep clutter out of sight.

  • Add a lick of paint

You will have to flex your DIY muscles for this one, but painting a wall doesn’t have to take more than a weekend to complete. Accent walls are all the rage at the moment, as are having walls painted two colours, a dark one on the top and light on the bottom, or vice-versa. Think about where you want to draw the eye, and paint accordingly. Or try out a crazy colour you’ve been dreaming of but aren’t sure if you’ll love. Painting a door that colour could be a good way to test your theory.

  • Little finishing touches

If you’ve done some of the things we talked about here, you’ll want to think about a few finishing touches you can add to really make your home beautiful. Of course, this depends on each and everyone’s taste, but think about a nice lampshade or a mirror. Framing pictures of you, your family or putting objects that hold a special significance in your heart in prominent places are nice choices. Whatever makes your home feel more special will make it seem more beautiful, too.